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once upon a time they all lived happily ever after

...moments out of many...

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i have been variously described as "a culture shock" (paintedfairy), and as "an island of normality" (oilrig), both of which i believe are equally true...

and from the journal of bunnypip, "L1 says "earwigmc is amazing ... better than Doctor Who!""

my wider world includes:
maple cross ringing group
the outsiders club
kiribati tungaru association
gay birders club
hertfordshire natural history society
essex birdwatching society
lea valley art society
enfield art circle

if you're wondering about my cripness, probalby best to ask me - there's a rather short and sweet reference to it in the comments attached to this post which is still a good start, but it's a bit more complex these days. want to hang out with me somewhere in london, and/or find an accessible venue for you and/or other friends? an ever evolving, but much under-maintained, list of venues-i've-accessed and their accessibility/not is here - use it, add to it, link to it... and new! look! a wiki of accessible venues =grin=

my 'friends' list should rather be called a list of 'people/entities whose journals/writings/lives/ideas i find interesting/enjoyable to read, some of whom are friends, some may become friends, others are acquaintances, and some are more tenuous contacts'. i read some of what they/you write a bit of the time - i'm struggling to keep up atm. at the minute, this list is likely to comprise people i have a good sense of and/or have had some contact/conversation with recently and/or a long standing knowing of - whether online (here or other spaces) or offline.

my journal postings are increasingly 'friends only' filtered. there are a few other filters operating on my journal. you'll find the most current info about them (including how to opt in) here

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